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Integrating Google Calendar
Integrating Google Calendar

Sync your Google Calendar with your Spectora calendar to keep everything organized.

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1.  Visit Settings > User Settings > Integrations
2.  Customize what info you would like the Google Calendar entry to display (the Inspection Details URL, start time, end time, and location will automatically be attached to the calendar entry.):

You can also use custom scheduling fields placeholders in the calendar text! Copy those placeholders to your clipboard under Settings > Scheduling Tools > Scheduling Options using the green placeholder icon and past in your Calendar Text.

3.  Next, check "Google Calendar" and enter in your Google Calendar ID (often your email address):

4.  Click "Authorize" to be sent to a Google Calendar authentication (note that you must be able to log into the calendar you are integrating):

That's it!  

You'll see your inspections and events begin to display in your Google Calendar.  Also, any one time (non-repeating) events placed in your Google Calendar will be imported as events in Spectora to block off your schedule.

Please note, any existing events on Google Calendar will NOT sync to Spectora. This integration will only begin syncing new events added to Google Calendar after the Spectora integration is enabled

As you move events around on either platform they will update on the other.  (For multi-inspector companies, if an inspector without scheduling privileges tries to move an inspection it will revert back to the original date/time.)

Unpaid/unpublished inspections deleted from Google Calendar will cancel in Spectora.

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