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How to Integrate Spectora with your Google Calendar
How to Integrate Spectora with your Google Calendar
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You can easily sync your Google Calendar with your Spectora calendar to keep everything organized. The Google Calendar integration is two-way, meaning your Spectora events will show in Google, and your (non-repeating) Google events will show in Spectora!

How to Enable and Set Up the Google Calendar Integration

Setting up the integration for your Google Calendar is easy! Follow along with the steps below to see how to set up the two-way integration with Google Calendar.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Click "Integrations"

  3. Click "Google Calendar" to enable

  4. Enter your Google Calendar ID - this is your Google/Gmail email address

  5. Click "Authorize"

  6. Click "Allow" to enable the two-integration on your Google Account

That's it! Β 

You'll see your inspections and events appear in your Google Calendar. Β Also, any one-time (non-repeating) events placed in your Google Calendar will be imported as events in Spectora to block off your schedule.

🌟 Note: Any existing events on Google Calendar will NOT sync to Spectora. This integration will only begin syncing new events added to Google Calendar after the Spectora integration is enabled

Customizing Your Google Calendar Text

Once you've enabled your Google Calendar integration, you can customize the text that shows on your calendar appointment. You can include important info like the inspection address, what services are scheduled, or who the client is. See how easy it is to customize with the steps below!

  1. Click the "Customize Calendar Text" button


  2. Fill out the 'Description' box and utilize the placeholders to auto-fill information

    Settings 2024-02-15 at 1.09.52 PM


  3. Click "Ok" to save!


How the Calendar Integration Works

  • As you move events around on either platform, they will update on the other. Β 

    • For multi-inspector companies, if an inspector without scheduling privileges tries to move an inspection it will revert back to the original date/time.

  • In Spectora, scheduled inspections and events (time off, etc.) will be imported into your Google Calendar.

  • In Spectora, any inspections or events added will show up in Google Calendar

  • In Google Calendar, you can reschedule inspections by updating the date/time (default rescheduling emails/texts will be sent.) For multi-inspector companies, this requires the scheduling privilege.

  • In Google Calendar, deleting an unpaid and unpublished inspection will cancel the inspection in Spectora. Paid or published inspections will be left intact. Inspectors without scheduling privileges cannot cancel inspections.

  • In Google Calendar, any one-time (non-repeating) events can be added and will show up as events in the Spectora calendar (and block off your schedule.)

  • In Google Calendar, events can be rescheduled and will be updated in Google Calendar.

This allows your Google Calendar to always be in sync with the Spectora calendar!

Google Calendar for Multi-Inspector Companies

For multi-inspector companies, this two-way calendar integration opens up a few possibilities:

  • Allows your inspectors to add doctor appointments or vacation days in Google Calendar without needing to give them full scheduling privileges.

    • They will automatically show up in Spectora to prevent scheduling conflicts.

  • Allows your employees to update events (appointments, time off, vacation) to keep the calendar organized and up-to-date.

  • Easily reschedule or cancel inspections from Google Calendar (if privileged), allowing for more flexibility out in the field.

🌟 Note: Unpaid/unpublished inspections deleted from Google Calendar will be canceled in Spectora.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "Don't send updates to this calendar" mean?

    • This setting prevents any Spectora inspections or events from sending to your Google Calendar, whether they are new inspections/events or recently updated inspections/events.


  • What does "Only Push to Google Calendar" mean?

    • This setting means that Spectora events will show on your Google Calendar, but Google Events will not show on your Spectora Calendar.

  • Can I mark my Google Calendar events as "free" instead of "busy" to keep my Spectora calendar clear for new inspections?

    • Unfortunately, not! Any event listed in your Google Calendar (whether it is marked as "free" or "busy") creates an event in your Spectora calendar and blocks off your availability.

  • Is there a way to stop unconfirmed inspections from showing on my Google Calendar?

    • Unfortunately, there is not a way to stop unconfirmed inspections from showing on your Google Calendar without disabling the integration entirely.

  • I'm getting a message that says "You may have lost access to edit the Google Calendar connected to your account" - what does this mean?

    • This message usually occurs when a change is made to your Google account and the login/credentials used to set up the Google account no longer match what was entered at the time the integration was set up. When this happens, your Google account may lose access to edit/create events in the calendar.

    • It's recommended that you log into your Google Calendar account and verify the information there, then disable and re-enable the calendar integration.

    • For more information, check out this article.

  • My company scheduled a new inspection, but it's not showing on my Google Calendar. What do I do?

    • Be sure that you are assigned as an inspector on the inspection! If you're not assigned to the inspection, the integration will not 'see' that the inspection needs to be on your Google Calendar.

  • How do I add a new inspector to my Google calendar?

    • The Google Calendar only syncs with one account per settings/profile.

    • This means that to group your calendars, you will need to adjust your Google Calendar settings to add your company calendars together. Click here to see how!

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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