We use the latest technology to build Spectora. With thousands of device options out there it's often tough to ensure our mobile app and web platform run well on all of them.  Here's some devices we recommend:

Mobile Device

Any mobile device with at least 3gb of RAM (not storage space!) will run Spectora well. RAM (or memory) determines how much you can do on your device at once.  Our app does a lot of heavy lifting, so often devices below 3gb of RAM experience crashes and slowness.

Usually this means spending at a couple hundred dollars on a device, as most of the cheap devices ($150 or less) only have 1-2gb of RAM and perform poorly.

Here are the most popular devices on our platform that we know perform well:

Samsung Galaxy Note8, Note9, and Note 10 (N - A hybrid of a phone and tablet, this device has 6.3" of screen real estate, 6gb of RAM, 64gb of storage, and is the most popular device used on the Spectora platform.  Prices run in the $600-700 range.

Apple iPhone X - The second-most-popular device on our platform, the iPhoneX sports a 5.8" screen, 3gb of RAM, and 256gb of storage. Expect to spend about $1300.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ - The most popular Android phone used by Spectorians, this device has a 5.8" screen, 4gb of RAM, and 64gb of storage. They'll run about $600.

iPad Pro 10.5 - Larger tablets are great for showing your clients and agents defect photos at the end of an inspection.  If you're going with an iPad, chose the "Pro" models.  They have sufficient RAM at 4gb and are around $600.

iPhone 7+ - Older generation iPhones still perform quite well and can save you some money.  A refurbished iPhone 7+ can be bought for under $400!


Because we are a web platform, the specs on your laptop do not matter a ton.  Mostly make sure you have a good internet connection when using the web platform. Measure your speeds at http://www.speedtest.net/ to make sure you're getting broadband speeds for optimal performance (25Mbps+ down and 10Mbps+ up).

If you have an older laptop that has 2gb or less of RAM you may experienced issues, though most issues stem from the browser.

In the market for a new laptop?  Check these out:

Macbook Air 13.3" - A thin, portable laptop with incredible performance.


We primarily focus on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox when developing Spectora (in that order.)  We recommend you use Chrome for optimal performance.

Get Chrome

For the love of all things holy, please do not use Internet Explorer.

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