Multi-Inspector Migration Checklist

See some best practices for multi-inspectors transitioning to Spectora.

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If you're transitioning from ISN to Spectora for back office and scheduling, see the transition checklist for a more thorough guide on migrating.

Adding Team Members & Permissions

In your Team page, you'll be able to add inspectors and decide what permission levels they have:

Can they schedule inspections?
Can they publish on their own or do they submit to the admins for approval (these show in the admins dashboard to approve and publish)
Can they add to your template while doing inspections?
Can they edit your templates on desktop?
Are they an admin?

When you add inspectors to your team in the free trial phase, everyone's inspections will count towards the free trial. If you need more trial inspections to get comfortable, let us know.

If you integrate ISN, those inspections that import will also count towards the free trial. We'll just bump up your trial inspections so you can get comfortable.

When you click "Join Us" from the dashboard, this will calculate the cost for all of the inspectors that you've added to your team.

Once you're a Spectorian, and you add another inspector it will give you the option of monthly or annual when you're adding them from the Team page.

Templates & Importing

If you're importing templates you can find instructions on how to do that here.

Practice/Mock Inspections

What we've seen work well is having your lead inspector (or "tech guy/gal") run through a couple mock inspections or real inspections on vacant houses/condos where no client or agent is there. Low pressure ones.

If you're using Spectora for back office/business tools, then you might want to go through our "Setup Series" to learn the basics:

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