How to backup and store non-report photos (aka "CYA" photos)

Here's how to set up a system for free, unlimited photo storage using a few familiar tools.

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Spectora's mobile app make it easy to store photos for future reference with our "Backup photos to gallery" option in the mobile app settings.  What about photos that aren't included in the report?

You can easily save these photos directly to your device's gallery using the "Gallery Camera" option.  To enable, pop into the mobile app's Settings:

Then flip on "Enable gallery camera"

Now you'll always see a camera icon in the footer that will take photos directly to the folder on your device for this inspection:

Long-term storage

Storing thousands of photos in your device gallery long-term will slow down your phone and the Spectora app, so you'll want a long-term storage solution.  Many options exist, from iCloud to Dropbox to Google Photos.  

Here's how to do this with Google Photos:

  • iOS users: visit the App Store and download Google Photos

  • Android users: Google Photos is usually preinstalled - otherwise grab it from the Play Store

Opening Google Photos for the first time will prompt you to set up automatic backups with free unlimited storage:

If you choose to use "High Quality" photos instead of "Full Resolution", you can store an unlimited amount of photos.

Every time you create a new folder, Google will ask if you want to automatically back it up. These backed up photos will show up in your Google Photos account, ready for reference if you ever need them!  

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