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ISN Integration Setup
ISN Integration Setup

See how to setup the ISN integration and how it works.

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To setup your ISN integration, go to your Settings tab from your dashboard, scroll down to your Company Settings and click System Integrations.

Find your ISN Integration, and click Enable

Copy your ISN Keys - Company Key, Admin Access Key, Admin Secret Key.  If you are a solo-inspector company, your own Inspector Keys below will be the same. 

Enter your ISN Domain.  Leave out the 'slash' and your company name that follows.

Once you verify that you're connected, you will be asked to pair up your ISN Inspection Type with the correct Spectora Template.  

Settings 2022-01-07 at 3.47.50 PM

Before you finish the setup, make sure to look over any of the Optional Settings available. You can choose to use Spectora for publishing, agreements, and/or collecting payment.

Once you've enabled ISN, click Refresh from ISN on your Spectora dashboard to bring in your inspections!

Any ISN-imported inspections won’t use your automation settings (i.e. no Spectora emails/texts will go out for this inspection.)  Write the report as you normally would using our mobile app and web platform.

After you’re done, you’ll see a special button allowing you to publish the URL directly to ISN, with the option of “completing” the inspection (triggering ISN’s post-inspection communication.)  All your data is preserved on Spectora’s cloud-based servers and database.

Should you choose to use them, you’ll still have access to all of Spectora’s business tools, including inspection metrics and contact lists.  

If you’d like to import your ISN data to Spectora, including past inspections, clients, and agents, we have easy automated importers to do so.


Not seeing your inspections come through to Spectora?  Try these steps:

  • Make sure your inspections are creating Footprints in ISN. This is set up on the ISN side. You can confirm this in ISN under “Inspections>My Footprints”.  You should see a big green “YES” under the column “Footprint Exists?” for any inspection you want Spectora to import.

  • Some other software vendors may delete your footprints after they import them.  This might be happening if sometimes you see inspections import to Spectora and other times not.  If this is the case, you should either disable ISN integration in that software or generate new API keys.  (Horizon is one vendor that we know of that does this.)

  • Spectora’s system requires a street address and zip code to pull in the inspection.  Make sure those fields are filled out in ISN if you want them to be imported into Spectora!

Here is an older blog post on the integration:

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