Do I need to purchase my domain name?

Yes, we want you to own your domain name. We recommend GoDaddy.

Do I need my own logo?

Yes, you will need to provide the logo (preferably in EPS, JPG and PNG formats). InterNACHI provides this free to members and does a great job.

How do I set up my email?

You can set up your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) email with us directly! Details here: Alternatively, you can set up email through GoDaddy.

What else do I need to do to have you start my website?

We need a completely filled out questionnaire to get you on the calendar for a start date with one of our designers. This is critical to think about each answer and fill out the best you can to minimize back and forth. This is the best way to get a well done website quickly.
*Start date can vary based on how many websites we have in the queue. Our web designers will let you know what this time frame is*

Do you write content for me?

The pages on our demo sites have placeholder content that is meant for you to put your own spin on. It tends to make more of an impact when it's your personality coming through.

We may be adding copywriting services in the near future.

Do you do SEO for me when you build the website?

SEO is not a one-time "task" that is done anymore. Google has evolved - they reward websites that are consistently adding content through your blog. 

What we do is add the SEO basics when we build your site so you have a solid foundation. This includes adding your location in your title tag, adding your address and services areas to the site, and including enough on-page keywords to be relevant. 

Can I hire a 3rd party SEO company for my Spectora hosted website?

You can! However it's worth noting that for security reasons we do not give FTP access to anyone and we vet and add plugins at the network level. Most of modern SEO is about having quality content on your site that attracts links, so any SEO company should be focused on that anyway.

We recommend working with our trusted SEO agency partner - learn more here.

Do I need a blog?

It's not mandatory but we recommend regular blogging to help your website's SEO & rankings. This is usually something most inspectors pay to outsource. Our SEO partner agency can do this.

What kind of images do I need for the site?

We recommend landscape mode (wider than tall) photos of you shaking hands with a client out front of a house, inspecting a furnace/water heater/electrical panel, or looking at a report with a client. Any modern phone or camera should be a high enough resolution.

How do I get my sample report URL to give to my Spectora designer?

If you haven’t created your sample report already, start here.

If you have created it, it will be linked in your Spectora Profile. (You can get to your profile by clicking on the drop down menu in your Spectora dashboard)

I want people to be able to pay and sign agreements on my website. How do I do that?

Your clients get an auto-generated email when you book an inspection that allows them to sign the Inspection Agreement and pay. There is no need to direct clients to your site to have them pay. This makes it easier for clients and it's less for you to track.

How do I view changes you're making to the site?

Your designer will send you a live link that you can click around and give feedback on. 

Can I have online scheduling on my site? How does this work?

Absolutely! This is part of the power of having us make your website. We need you to setup your services & fees and activate your online scheduler first. Then we can embed your online scheduler into your site!

Depending on the settings you choose in Settings>Online Scheduler, your clients will flow right into the agreement and payment once they book an inspection, or get an automated email once you confirm the inspection in your Spectora dashboard.

Can I keep sending you thoughts as they hit me?

We make high-quality websites for low prices because we are efficient. We kindly ask that you sit down and look through the site during each of the 2 feedback rounds and consolidate your feedback into 1 email. 

We know there will be one-offs and that's ok. We cannot efficiently make changes when you send multiple one sentence emails. Try to be concise and clear with what changes you'd like to see. If you want us to use our creativity, say so. That's ok too!

How many feedback rounds do I get?

We do 2 feedback rounds and a final approval. We try to get as much feedback and changes done during this phase. However, we are still here for you to make minor edits after launch. 

Can you show me how to make edits to my site?

Sure! We have this article and video to help show you the ropes.

What happens if I cancel? Do I own the website?

*Important - Your hosting subscription is needed to keep the site active and live. Hosting includes the storage and serving of your website, so you will need to keep this active to keep the site active.

We highly recommend against migrating a site without a professional web developer that is well-versed in Wordpress instance setup and can recreate elements of the site. It is never apples-to-apples.

You do own the website content.  We use a Wordpress Multisite Network, so you will need to work with your own web developer to handle that the technical implementation, as each new host and setup can vary. We send you the XML file that contains all of the contents of your site (images, pages, posts, etc.) for importing into your new Wordpress instance and a folder with all of your images.

Any images you provide you retain ownership of, as well as all the content. We use a paid commercial Wordpress theme for all our sites, so if you wanted to use the same theme you'd have to buy an individual license for yourself. You would also need to re-add any plugins that you want to continue using on the new instance of your site.

How long until my site is live?

Once you have completed the questionnaire, our web designer will be in touch in 1-2 business days via email about your start date and any additional information. If you don't see the email make sure you check your spam folder, sometimes they like to go there! We can usually get started on your site within 2-3 weeks. The entire process can be completed within 2-3 weeks if you're providing prompt responses during each draft! 

Need your site faster? Rush options are available. Ask us for details!

What happens if I have an unexpected delay or get busy?

We do our best to communicate clearly and promptly. We expect the same of you.

If a life change happens or you get too busy to prioritize this - let us know with clear timelines of when we can expect feedback. We build time in our schedule for each website. Non-responsiveness causes delays for others and less productivity.

After 3 months of non-responsiveness there will be a $150 restart fee to account for the business disruption not only to our designers, but to other customers who have communicated. This will get you back on the designers schedule, but not to the front of the line.

Factors that can delay launch dates:

  • Communication Issues

The process of building and launching your site requires prompt communication by both parties. In many cases we may need an answer from you in order to move on to the next step in the process.

  • Email Delivery Issues

If you're expecting an email and don't see one come in, be sure to check your spam folder in case it ended up there.

  • Domain Propagation Issues

Launch date is determined as the day we point your domain to your new website. Please make sure you provide accurate information to access your domain as access issues can delay launch date.

If your domain is not registered with a major provider such as GoDaddy or Google Domains, it's possible that it could take 24-48 hours for your domain registrar to propagate the necessary DNS records to point your domain to your new site.

If your domain is currently being pointed to another website, we will need to change your domain's nameservers. This process may also take 24 to 48 hours.

  • Extensive Design Requests

We make high-quality websites for low prices because we are efficient. We know there will be specific requests that's ok. Try to be concise and clear with what changes you'd like to see. If you want us to use our creativity, say so. That's ok too! However, if your requests involve time intensive edits or you change your mind about the design in the midst of the website build, it may delay the completion of your site.

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