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Breaking down your questionnaire step by step.

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Profile and Logo

I don't have a logo. Where can I get one?

While we don't design logos ourselves, we recommend reaching out to a designer on Fiverr if you want to hire a freelancer. If you're confident with graphic editing tools, you can also build your own logo for free using Canva.

InterNACHI also provides free logos to all its members. Contact them for more info!

How do I grant you domain access?

Click here for domain delegation instructions.

Design Preferences

What demos do you have?

Here is a link to all eight of our demos.

What if I like parts of multiple demos?

That's fine! Our demos are highly customizable. Pick one demo to build your basic design off of, then when it asks if you have any other specific design styles, let us know what parts of other demos you'd like to use.

Do I need to provide images and content?

It is strongly recommended you provide high quality images and content to make your site unique. That said, if you don't have either, that's fine! Spectora has a library of HD images and stand-in content that we can use on any website.

Site Details

What's the difference between an online scheduler and inspection request form?

  • Your Online Scheduler allows a customer to automatically schedule an inspection. Once they submit a time slot, you can confirm it and ask any follow-up questions.

  • Your Inspection Request Form does not automatically fill your schedule. Instead, it's on you to call the customer and set up a date and time, give them a quote, etc.

How do I set up my online scheduler or inspection request form?

How do I create a sample report?

Here's a guide to get you going!

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