How Informational Items Are Ordered in the Report

Learn the rules that dictate where informational items are placed in the report

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Informational comments are where you provide basic info in your report. These might be things like "Material", "Type", etc. They show up in the report under the Information tab:

How these informational comments and photos appear in the report depends on the length of the comment and how many photos you add.

For short comments:

Comments with 75 characters or less will go in the order they are listed in the report/template in 3 columns.

Comments like multiple-choice (shown here) are categorized as short comments. Since the information in a multiple-choice comment is usually information like basic home information or basic appliance information, it is seen as a short comment and listed on the report in small columns:

For long comments:
Comments with more than 75 characters will be underneath all of the shorter comments (75 and under), be full-width, and go in the order of the report/template.

Comments with more text (like limitations or defects that contain an explanation of what the limitation/defect is) will show the full amount of text after the shorter comments.

Comments with more than 1 photo:

These comments are automatically long-form, full-width comments. 

Smart Layout:
Smart Layout is a setting that sorts your comments in the PDF report. This setting orders comments based on how many characters and photos each one has and puts them in the report in an order that minimizes extra blank space.

Comments with Smart Layout are ordered like this:
1. "less than 70 and no pictures"
2. "less than 70 and 1 picture"
3. "more than 70 or multiple pictures"

To read more about Smart Layout, check out this article!

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