How to Add Photos in the V10 Web Editor

Learn the basics of how to add photos to informational or defect comments on the desktop report writer.

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Looking to spice up your report with some extra photos from a camera or drone? No worries! You can easily add these images to make your inspection reports more thorough and visually appealing.

In this article, we'll walk you through through the steps of adding photos directly from your computer's desktop. Whether you have high-quality images from a camera or aerial shots from a drone, we'll show you how to smoothly upload and include these photos in your reports, so your clients get all the detailed info they need.

Uploading Photos to Your Web Report

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  1. Click on the inspection to open the Inspection Details page

  2. Click the report name to open the web editor

  3. Click the section to open it

  4. Click the item to open it

  5. Click the camera icon next to the comment name

  6. Click "+Photo" below the comment

  7. Select your photo file from your computer, then click "Open" to add it to the report

  8. You'll see your photo below the comment once it has been uploaded

  9. The comment will now have a number next to the camera icon when the photo has been added

Dragging & Dropping Photos into Your Report

You can easily add photos to your report by dragging and dropping them. Open the section > item > comment you want to add the photo to, then simply drag it from your computer desktop onto the report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my photos from my phone/device to my computer

  • How do I upload videos to my report?

    • Click here to see how to upload videos.

  • How do I see what photos are already uploaded to a comment?

    • You can easily expand a comment to see which photos are associated with it by clicking the space to the right of the comment name:


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