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Creating, viewing, and editing sample reports
Creating, viewing, and editing sample reports

Show off your report format with a sample report!

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Spectora reports have a modern look and feel that agents and clients love. Show off your report format with anonymized sample reports of all your various inspection types!

First, visit the inspection for the report that you want to turn into a sample report. Next click "View" on the report, then click "Report Tools," and "Make A Sample Report" at the top!

You'll be prompted to enter a name and description (which clients and agents will see on your profile's Sample Reports page):

The address, agent, and client will all be replaced with a generic version, allowing you to show off your best report without compromising confidentiality:

Managing Sample Reports

You can view all of your sample reports by visiting Settings->Sample Reports:

Here you can copy-and-paste sample report URLs, reorder your sample reports, edit sample report details, and remove sample reports:

Viewing Sample Reports

Your sample reports are viewable by the "Sample Reports (public)" link on your Sample Reports page, as well as from your Spectora Profile (accessible via "Profile" from the main dropdown):

The page shows all your reports (hover over a report to view description):

Or you can link directly to your sample reports from your website. (If you host a website with us, just let us know and we'll do it for you!)

Editing Sample Reports

Once a sample report is published, the only details you can edit are the title and description. The rest of the content cannot be changed!

If you want to make changes to the sample report, follow the steps above to create a new sample report that includes your changes:

Make the necessary changes. Once you’re done editing, click Preview/Publish

Once you’re happy with the changes, click Report Tools > Make A Sample Report. That’s it!

We hope you utilize your sample reports to show how understandable and agent-friendly your reports are!

Have any questions? Write into our chat bubble - we're here to help!

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