Optional sections and items are not included by default when your reports builds from the template, but rather are added on a per-inspection basis.  This allows you to build out templated comments that are ready without crowding your report.

For example, in many areas a pool is not common.  However, it is occasionally encountered.  In your template, you can build a Pool section that is optional.  When you encounter a pool, you add it in and have access to all your prebuilt pool comments!

To add an optional section, click "+ Section" or "+ Item" in the Template Editor:

Then enter the name and choose "Optional":

Within a few minutes, it will be available in the report writer.  To add in your optional sections/items, hit "+ Section" or "+ Item":

Optional sections/items are on top:

Or on the web interface, hit "+ Section," then hit "Add an Optional Section."

Select your section/item and you're all set!

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