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Basic Inspection Flow

How to do an inspection using Spectora's mobile app and web platform.

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Spectora is built to be the most efficient platform for doing inspections.  You'll save time on every report if you use the software in the way it was designed to be used, with the mobile app as the primary method of data input.

After an inspection has been scheduled, here's the basic steps for completing an inspection as efficiently as possible:

  • Before leaving your home, open the Spectora mobile app. It will automatically import/download inspections for the day. After it completes this, an Internet connection is no longer required.

  • Once on-site, use the mobile app to input informational data and deficiencies. Take photos for each comment as you go so they are already in-place.  This is far more efficient than taking hundreds of photos and having to sort through them later. This approach will take slightly longer on-site but save you hours later.

  • For comments that require more research, significant writing, or further work off-site, simply "Flag for Later" using the flag button.

  • Once you've input all the inspection data, you can use the mobile app's "Summary" feature to review with the client and agent on-site.

  • If everything is ready to publish and you have an Internet connection, simply hit "Save" or "Sync" followed by "Publish" and you're done!

  • Otherwise, "Save" or "Sync" at your earliest convenience and finish up the report on the web.  If you use external devices like thermal cameras of drones that don't integrate with your mobile device, this would be the time to add them.

  • Once your report is ready, click "Publish" and enjoy the rest of the day!

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