Customize client follow up emails with review links to get more Google reviews. 

Make sure you put your review links in the post-inspection follow up emails found in Automation>Post-Inspection:Client (and Client's Agent if you're asking Agents for reviews).

Here's how to set up your review links (if you already have Google my Business set up):

Step 1. Find Your Google Place ID

Option 1: Use the Google Place ID Finder

If that doesn't work...

Option 2: Use your browser's built-in developer tools

Type your business name (for some you might have to also include your city/state) into Google. Your Google my Business account should show up on the right side. 

Right-click the "Write a review" button and click "Inspect" (It's Inspect Element in some browsers).

A pop up will appear that looks like The Matrix. Don't run. Just look for the "data-pid" field that looks like this:

Copy and paste the numbers and letters inside the " ". That's your place ID.

Step 2. Use your place ID to create your Google review link

Now add that string to the end of this link:

The result will look something like this:

Step 3. Add the link to your Spectora automated follow-up emails! 

*If you're adding them to your text messages, make sure to shorten them using a
URL shortener like

How to get your Yelp Leave a Review link:

Go to your Yelp account and click "Write a Review", copy the url, and paste into your follow-up emails!

*You also have the option to hyperlink that "Write A Review" into an image or badge. Once the image is uploaded and selected, go ahead and click the "link" icon and paste the URL. 

Follow the link below for a quick 10 second video walk-through on how to add an image and link it. 

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