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A new tool for direct text communication with your inspectors in the field

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🤹 Ready to improve your on the fly communications with inspectors?

The new Spectora Conversations feature will allow you to leverage your custom number to have direct conversations with your Inspectors right along with the automations or actions based messages they may currently receive.

This feature does require Spectora Advanced and a Custom Number.

You can access the Conversations page in a few ways

  • Clicking the Conversations Icon at the top right of your screen (beside the user menu icon). This icon will also serve to notify you of unread messages as there will be a red dot on the icon if there are unread messages.

  • Clicking on Conversations in the user menu

  • Adding it to your Nav Bar customization in settings an clicking in the Nav Bar

Once you are there you will see a search box so you can start a conversation with any inspector (* mobile number required in their profile) that doesn't already have a recent conversation open.

Select a conversation to see the thread.

  • Outbound messages are seen along the right side with a date or time stamp

  • Under each outbound message the name of the user that was logged into Spectora sending that message will show.

  • Any automated messing (via Automations or Actions) that have been sent to that inspector will also show in the thread with the "user" being Auto and a link back to the inspection the message is associated with.

  • Any responses from the inspector are seen along the left side of the thread

Click into the message box at the bottom of the screen to type the message you want to send and hit enter or click on the Send button when you are ready to send it

Messages sent will show up as a text message on the inspector's mobile phone ☎️ coming from the custom number you have setup. They simply respond back via their text messaging app and the response show up in the thread in Conversations.

You may also access Conversations from the Inspection Details page. You will see a Conversations icon beside the Inspector name(s). Clicking on the icon will open the Conversations page in a new tab with the specific thread open for that inspector.

As always please feel free to reach out to the bubble for any help if you run into any issues using the feature. Happy Chatting!

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