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📣 Posting and Scheduling Posts for Cross-Platform Posting on your Local (Beta) 📣
📣 Posting and Scheduling Posts for Cross-Platform Posting on your Local (Beta) 📣
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The cross-platform posting feature of Local (Beta) conveniently lets you publish a post on both your Google Business profile and the Facebook profile connected to your Local (Beta) account. This means two activity signals (which Google likes) in one effort!

Publishing Posts Real Time

  • But if you want to publish your posts right away, go to the “Posts” tab, click on “All Posts,” then click the blue "Create Post" button.

  • Select the type of post (e.g., announcement) and checl Google and/or Facebook if it’s connected.

  • Complete the rest of the fields:

    • Name your post (e.g., test) and add a caption.

    • Upload your desired photo.

    • You can also include a call to action by providing a link, such as your home page or schedule page.

    • I recommend using “Learn More” as the call to action because it’s a less committed option.

    • Once everything is ready, hit “Submit Post Now,” and it will automatically publish on both platforms.

Scheduling Posts In Advance

We highly recommend you batch your content so you don't forget about posting on you Google Business Profile and Facebook! To schedule posts in advance, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Post Automations,” then select “Create Post Automation.”

  • Add a title for your automation and choose the post type (e.g., announcement or offer).

  • Select both Google and Facebook options.

  • Under Post Automation Locations, search for your business name.

  • Under Automation Schedule, set the date and time for scheduling.

  • Under Add message, write your message/caption for each platform.

  • Upload corresponding photos for each platform.

  • Include a call to action link like like your home page or your scheduling page. Then set a Call to Action, such as "Learn More" or Book.

  • Hit “Publish,” and you’ll see that the posts are now scheduled!

Remember, it’s a good practice to schedule all your batch content in advance to save time and effort!

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