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📈 Navigating your Boost Dashboard: Ranking Analytics
📈 Navigating your Boost Dashboard: Ranking Analytics
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Add and track keywords to measure your brand’s position on the search engine results page within your Ranking Analytics dashboard!

1. Under Analytics, click on Ranking Analytics.

In this section, you’ll find the average ranking for your chosen time period. It’s a great way to gauge how well you’re doing for each keyword at a glance.

2. In this dashboard, you can take a look at the keywords that have been added or that you’ve added already.

These provide a snapshot of your ranking performance for your Google Business Profile and your website pages.

3. Use the data you gather from here to tweak your content within your Google Business Profile and/or website pages!

For example, if you see that you went down one rank for “home inspector denver,” you can tweak your website content to try and regain the number one spot. You can also check out the article/website that outranked yours and base your tweaks on how they structured their content.

3. Add new keywords to track anytime!

You can also add new keywords that you want to track by clicking the blue button at the top-right corner. For example, if you’re now serving a new area, you can add "home inspector [new area here]" and/or "[new area here] home inspector."

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