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📋 Navigating your Boost Dashboard: Your Listings & Updating Your Content
📋 Navigating your Boost Dashboard: Your Listings & Updating Your Content
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➡️ To check out your listings:

1. Click on the “Premium Listings” tab.

2. You’ll see a list of directories where your business is published. To view individual listings, click on the blue icon next to each directory.

Sometimes, you may need to update your business details! To make sure your business details are correct on every listing, you can make the changes in your Content Settings.

The changes you make here will be pushed automatically to our partner directories for your digital profiles and listings.

➡️ If you want to make updates to your content, such as changing your business address or phone number, follow the guide below:

1. Click CONTENT, then click your business location.

2. Choose the section where you want to make changes, then click EDIT. Make the necessary changes you wish to make and remember to click SAVE when making changes in a section.

3. If you want to add special holiday hours when your business will be closed, scroll down to OPERATIONAL DETAILS, then click ADD NOW. Go ahead and add you special hours and save your changes once done.

That's it! The changes you make in your content will automatically sync with our partner directories, so please make sure your content is up to date and accurate.

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