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Spectora Advanced: Filtering Metrics
Spectora Advanced: Filtering Metrics

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Spectora Advanced Metrics offers a customizable dashboard that enables the creation of custom widgets for visualizing specific business data. These widgets can be further customized by applying filters based on data sources, locations, services, or groups. This level of flexibility in customization allows you to concentrate on the specific data of interest while excluding irrelevant information.

In this article, we'll go over what data sources are available and what filtering options you have at your disposal!

Not sure how to create a custom widget? Check this article out for the full steps!

Data Sources

The first step in creating a custom widget is choosing the Data source for your widget. This impacts what fields you'll be able to construct your chart from.

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Each Data Source will pull specific data as the base for your widget.

  • Inspection Data

    • All inspections in our system, including canceled, deleted, unconfirmed, paid, and unpaid inspections. (You can further filter using 'Filters')

  • Payment Data

    • Payments you've collected from your clients

  • Agent Data

    • Client's agent data (paid inspections only)

  • Service Data

    • Services connected to paid inspections

  • Add-On Data

    • Add-ons connected to paid inspections

  • Inspector Data

    • Data by assigned inspector(s) on all inspections in our system, including canceled, deleted, unconfirmed, paid, and unpaid inspections (You can further filter using 'Filters')

  • Charges Data

    • Invoice line items (paid inspections only)

Location Filtering:

If your business operates in multiple locations, you can filter data based on a specific location. This feature is helpful for businesses with franchises or different physical locations. You have the option to include or exclude certain cities, states, or zip codes.

  • To use these, select the Include or Exclude filter option and then type in the value you want to specifically include or exclude from your results.

  • Multiple values may be entered for these filters by separating them with a comma.

Service Filtering:

If you offer different services, you can narrow down the data to a specific one. This allows you to focus on the performance of a particular aspect of your business.

  • You can include or exclude services in the filtering options.

  • Once you choose the Include Service or Exclude Service filter option, you can select from the drop-down list of services you have configured. You can choose more than one service to include in the filter if needed!

  • The Exclude Service filter for a given service will remove any inspection line item that had that service associated with it - meaning that the Metric outputs will not include any other services (if there were) for that same inspection.

🌟 Note: At this time, this filter does not include specifying Add-On services.

Groups Filtering

  • The group option sorts your calculated field (ie. total inspections) by things like company, referral source, inspection city, or state.

  • Be aware that the sum of the total of the groups may be more than the total number of inspections if you have inspections with more than one service associated with it.

  • Currently, this filter does not include specifying Add-On services but we are working on adding that level of granularity.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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