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Advanced Actions: Add Rules
Advanced Actions: Add Rules

What do rules mean on a Spectora Advanced Action? Check this out for a breakdown!

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Now that you've chosen your Action event, it's time to set some rules.

What are Actions Rules?

Rules allow you to apply conditions to an Action, such as "Only do this for Residential Inspections" or "Don't do this for agents with the tag VIP."

You can have Actions fire only when the published report is named "Residential" while another is only when the report is named "Radon"

It's very customizable!

You can combine rules to create very complex logic - we recommend using different Groups to organize your actions to keep everything understandable from your perspective! Here are some examples:

How to Create an Action Rule

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the Dashboard

  2. Click "Actions" in the dropdown menu

  3. Click to open the actions group where you'd like to add a new action

  4. Click "+Add Action"

  5. Set your event time

  6. Click "Next"

  7. Click "+Add Rule"

  8. In the first dropdown menu, decide if the rule should be "has" or "does not have"

  9. The second dropdown menu allows you to select what the action should look for (i.e. a specific service, contact, tag, payment made, etc.)

  10. The third dropdown menu is where you decide which specific criteria need to be met (i.e. Residential Service, client agent tag "VIP", etc.)

  11. A completed rule should look like this: "Has > Service > Residential Inspection"

    1. This example means the inspection needs to have a Residential Inspection Service booked to send the action out

What Do the Rules Mean?

Let's break down what each Rule means!

  • No Rules

    • You can leave the Rule section blank if you want this Action to be sent out for every inspection. This is handy for things like when an inspection is scheduled or rescheduled!

  • Has or Does Not Have

    • This option will allow you to set up specific messages depending on whether an inspection has or does not have requirements met.

      • For example, you can send out a specific upsell email if a client Does Not Have a Radon service:

      • If an agent has a specific contact tag:

      • And you can combine these to make them a specialized upsell service!

  • ALL / AND vs. ANY / OR Rules:

    • When creating multiple Rules for one Action, you'll see the option to choose if it goes out to ANY or ALL inspections.

    • ALL / AND: This means that all requirements have to be met for this action to be sent out. In the example above, this means my email would only go out if the inspection had BOTH requirements, i.e. does not have the service Radon Testing AND the Client Agent has the tag "VIP"

    • ANY / OR: This means any of the rules can apply for this to be sent. So for this example, this Action will be sent when an inspection does not have the service Radon Testing OR if the Client Agent has the tag "VIP." So if an inspection does not have the service Radon Testing, it will be sent out regardless of whether the Client Agent has the tag "VIP" and vice versa.

      • This is great to use for specific customization of what messages and updates you want to be sent based on services, specific contacts, having agreements signed, inspections paid for, and more!

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