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Data Privacy and Spectora Partnerships
Data Privacy and Spectora Partnerships

Understanding how client data is used

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We take your data privacy very seriously.

Here are some answers to common questions and concerns.

Does Spectora sell my data?

No. Per our terms of service we do not sell or share your private information with any third party.

Does opting into the Partnerships Program change my terms of service?

No. Regardless of whether the program is enabled, we do not sell your or your clients' private information to a third party.

How do third-party partners receive my client information?

When your client interacts with a partner in the client portal they have the choice to share their data. This looks a little different for each partner, but at a minimum, the client clicks 'submit' to share their personal information. No information is shared without their direct action.

Please note, that all transactions submitted by a client include an identifying piece of information from your company so that we can pay you.

Is any information shared automatically with partners?

No. Partners are not notified when you enable, disable, or otherwise interact with them through the program. The only time information is shared with our partners is when a client submits a lead.

All leads include an identifying piece of information from your company (company ID, inspector email, or inspection company name) so that we can pay you!

On occasion, we provide anonymous usage statistics to our partners to negotiate the best revenue share. For example, '1,000 inspectors are opt-ed into Lemonade'.

Any additional questions?

Please let us know!

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