Building your own TREC template

Whether importing a template from another software or building your own, here's what you need to know to get your template TREC-compliant.

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It is probably much easier to start with our default TREC template and add additional comments as needed, but it is definitely possible to begin with a custom template and make it TREC-compliant. Alternatively, you might be importing an existing template and changing it to be a TREC template in our system.

Currently, only a Spectora admin can change the template type to TREC so reach out to our chat bubble to make this happen. Here is the necessary info to ensure it functions and is compliant with TREC requirements:

Additional Information Provided By Inspector

On our default TREC template, this section is populated by anything in the Information Section General Item:


If you are creating your own TREC template or importing one, there are a few important things that need to happen to automatically populate this area:

  • Check "Hide Overview Grid for this section" and have it placed first in their template:

  • Have a single item in that section with "Info Item" checked:


Now any comments in that item will populate in this area!


Our default template sets up the ratings as required by TREC. Ratings MUST be either (1) Classic Ratings or (2) Custom Ratings specifically in the order of IN, NI, NP, D:


Template Specifics

Section/Item Structure

Our default template includes all the TREC requirements for sections/items. However, we don't enforce anything via the code - the template is basically spit out exactly as entered. To ensure a template is conforming to the TREC requirements, ensure that each section and item name is exactly as specified in our default template. Note that the roman numerals must be part of the section names ("I. Structural Systems", "II. Electrical Systems", etc.) and letters must be part of the item name ("A. Foundations", "B. Grading and Drainage", etc.).

Required comments and "Comments" comments

TREC requires certain comments be present. We've included those in our default template, like "Type of Foundation(s)" pictured below.

TREC also requires the text "Comments:" in many of their items. To ensure this is present, these items require a comment with the name "Comments" that is a checkbox comment "Default to checked":


If building your own template, ensure this comment is present everywhere it is required.

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