How to Use the Get a Quote Widget

How to give clients and agents accurate quotes before bookings

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The Get a Quote Widget is one of Spectora's options for scheduling. It allows clients to get an accurate quote of the price of their inspection before booking.

Enabling the Get a Quote Widget-

To start using it, go to Settings>Business and Scheduling Tools> Get a Quote Widget, and then enable it using the check box!

How the Get a Quote Widget works:

The tool uses your services and add-ons set up in your  Services and Fees area to give clients and agents an accurate quote of their inspection price.

When the customer first looks at the scheduler, they will see the base cost for the first service listed on your settings and fees. This is the cost of the inspection with no add-ons or modifiers. 

This quote will update as they select services and add-ons and when modifiers are added.

The first step for agents or clients using this tool is selecting the service they would like to add. 

Once they select the service, they have the choice of the add ons you offer for that service!

If you do not want clients to have access to an add-on in your services, make sure to check "Hide from scheduler" in Services and Fees!

Once they have selected their services and add-ons they will be prompted to add their address and property information as well as any custom fields you have set. This will trigger any property specific price modifiers to add to the price.

After they enter this information they will be given their final quote for the inspection with modifiers added!

From there they can select their inspection time from your availability, add contact info, and book their inspection.

In the widget settings multi inspector companies can choose to give the options for clients or agents to choose their inspector!

If this is on, all inspectors available for the chosen time slot will show!

The last step is for the client to enter their information, they can just enter this, or they can be promoted to add either listing or buying agents or both! This can be set on the Get a Quote settings!

How to Customize your Widget-

In terms of Widget customization, you are able to change the colors, the services and pricing a customer can select, as well as the text they will see when using it! 

If you want to see your changes as they will appear to your clients and agents you can look at the preview of the widget. Use the "preview changes" button to show your most recent alterations.

To customize colors you can use these boxes to in the Get a Quote Widget settings-

If you want to update the text your client sees when booking you can update it in this box-

If you want the client to have different add-on or options for services, you can edit those in your Services and Fees ares of Spectora! 

Embedding the Get a Quote Widget on your Website-

If you want to add this tool to your website for your clients or agents, you can use the embeddable code on the settings for the scheduler!

If you want to send the link directly to agents and clients, you can use this button and copy the URL at the top on the page to paste into a text or email! 

Email a Quote for Later

You, the client, or the agent can email a quote for later without scheduling an inspection.

To do this, begin scheduling with the Get a Quote Widget until you get to this page

Scroll down and you will see a button to email a quote for later

Fill in the email, then click SEND EMAIL

🎉 You're done!

This is one of our three scheduling options which we offer. We encourage you to also take a look at the Online Scheduler and the Inspection Request form! If you have questions on this, feel free to ask on the chat bubble or email us at!

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