Support staff, or office managers are free accounts offered by Spectora. Because they are not paid inspector accounts, there are some restrictions. 

What CAN support staff do? 

  • Schedule Inspections: Able to schedule new inspections and able to see all inspections for the company on the calendar
  • Edit Inspections: Edit inspection details
  • Publish Inspections: Publish inspection reports
  • Add to Templates: Add new sections/items/comments to templates
  • Edit Templates: Edit existing templates 
  • Admin privileges: Full access to company settings, subscriptions, payments, metrics, and email templates

*Keep in mind, you can choose which permissions each support staff member has in your Settings > Team page:

What can support staff NOT do? 

  • Primary on events or inspections: Support staff cannot be the primary inspector assigned to inspections or inspection events. This does include events like radon drop off/pick up. Any primary inspectors will need to have their own account with Spectora. 
  • Access the Spectora App: Support staff can still access on a web browser on their devices. The app is primarily a report editor for inspectors.
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