(This is a custom feature for some home builders using our platform. It is currently under-development and subject to change.)

Quality scores allow you to assign a 0-100 rating for any given report. The score represents the total "weight" of unmarked defects divided the total "weight" of all possible defects: 

(TotalPossible - Defects) / TotalPossible

Here's how they work:


  • Each defect is weighted a certain number of points based on the severity. You can change how much each severity level impacts the score in Settings->Quality Score:

  • For any given template, you can use "multipliers" to allow certain sections of items to be weighted more than others. For example, if a medium-category deficiency is weighted at 1 point normally, you could use a multiplier of 2.0 for the Kitchen section to weight kitchen deficiencies as double other sections, making a medium-category deficiency in the kitchen now 2 points off. To alter a Quality Score Multiplier in your template, hover over any section or item and click the pencil/edit icon:  

Within the popup, you'll see a Quality Score Multiplier field:

Important Note: Multipliers at the section and item levels are cumulative! For example, if the Exterior section has a 2.0 multiplier and the Foundation item within it also has a 2.0 multiplier, any defect within that item is now weighted at 4x its normal weight.

Mobile App

Just above the completion percentage bar in the mobile app, you'll see a Quality Score rating: 

This will be present as you navigate through the app, allowing you to see how the Quality Score is being affected by additional defects.

To experiment with different weightings for defects, sections, and items you'll want to delete a report and re-build from the template, as this data gets "stamped out" along with the template at the time you build the report. More info on templates and reports are here.


While viewing the report on the web, you'll see the Quality Score displayed at the top (along with the number of defects present.)

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