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How Do I Get More Inspections As a New Inspector?
How Do I Get More Inspections As a New Inspector?

Just starting out and waiting for the phone to ring? Here are some tips on how to get more inspections as a new inspector.

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Many new inspectors will book a call with our digital marketing team asking for how to get more business.

While there are exceptions, we generally believe new home inspectors should be marketing to and meeting real estate agents in their first 6 months.

Here are some tips on what you should be focusing on as a new home inspector:

1) Go to Open Houses

2) Look for Local Networking Groups

Networking groups like BNI only allow 1 type of professional per industry. These can be great in cities where they are popular. Find a local BNI chapter here.

Meetup is also a great source to find agent groups.

Have a local Chamber of Commerce? Join it and see what networking events exist.

3) Use the Spectora Community

We have the most professional and savvy group of home inspectors in the industry! Use it! Go to our Facebook User Group and ask an open-ended question of what worked for inspectors when they first started out.

4) Visit Local Real Estate Offices

**Only do this if you are prepared with physical print materials and a presentation that adds value**

Find a couple local real estate offices and ask if you can have 5 min of the managing broker's time. Ask how you can add value to their next team meeting. 

Have a few topics in mind on what you can present on during their team meeting. 

Here are a few to get you started:

  • New agent training - What to expect from a home inspection

  • Writing the repair addendum easier (Repair Request Builder)

  • Common home inspection findings

  • Any area of expertise you have from a prior career (Electrical, plumbing, construction standards)

5) Email Newer Agents to Grab Coffee

New agents want to network. They don't have "their guy" to send inspections to. Meet with them, ask them how you can support them. Tell them what you can offer them. 

You can easily find a list by Googling "Zillow Realtor [your city]". This gives you an amazing list to start. But do your research before cold emailing any agent! These need to be personalized.

Here are some key selling points that win over agents:

  • Text reminders

  • Online scheduling, agreements & payment

  • Mobile-friendly everything

  • Modern, web-based reports

  • Repair Request Builder

  • Amazing customer service

6) Utilize Social Media

While we prefer you build sustainable in-person relationships, social media can be a great way to meet agents nowadays

Here are some quick tips:

  • Follow every local agent you can find on all social media platforms that agents use - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, NextDoor, SnapChat, etc. - Yes you should have a business account on all of these platforms. Prioritize by what more agents tend to use in your area/demographic.

  • Interact with THEIR posts. Don't just "like" them. Make comments and genuinely engage.

  • Only post personal, useful or entertaining content to your social media - limit the "Need a home inspection?" and linking to your home page type of posts.

7) Tell Family & Friends

This is an underrated one. Mention to EVERYONE that you are a home inspector. Put yourself out there and be vulnerable. At kid's soccer games. At dinner parties. At the grocery store. Anywhere you interact with people.

You should be asking everyone you encounter what they do for a living. This naturally leads to them learning about what you do.

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