Importing Contacts Using Excel

Add or update multiple contacts with a .CSV file

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Use the Import button located at the top of the Contacts Tab for either agents or clients. This feature can also be used to update existing contacts if there is a matching email.

Follow the listed instructions exactly!  Make sure your file has separate columns each labeled for "First Name", "Last Name", etc., and it's a .CSV not an .xls or .xlsx file type. 

Agent import instructions:

📸 Note: The IMPORT option for the agent photo profile section will be labeled as "Photo URL" (as shown on the first image above) whereas the EXPORT will be titled "Image". Rest assured that these are the same and your agent's profile photo will come over 😊

Client import instructions

Matching the import fields

Once you select your file to upload, pair up Our Field on the left with Your Column on the right!

⚠️ If your spreadsheet has multiple columns with the same name you will see this warning

Import complete message

Once your file is imported you will see a summary message. You will be shown which rows have been skipped or not included due to a missing required field or other error.

If you re-upload the .csv with corrections the contacts will be updated but not duplicated.

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