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How to hide trainees/apprentices/helpers from your reports and Online Scheduler
How to hide trainees/apprentices/helpers from your reports and Online Scheduler

On-boarding new inspectors or utilizing trainees/helpers/apprentices? You can hide them from client-facing pages and your scheduler.

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Congrats on expanding your business! It's a lot of work to bring on additional employees and they sometimes present risk from a liability perspective. In some states, unlicensed inspectors cannot be on reports. We've made it easy to have your trainees and helpers invisible to the client but allow you to still benefit from all the scheduling, syncing, and integration features our system offers!

On the Team page you'll see the "Trainee" column. Simply check that box and the inspector:

  • Won't appear on the client/agent's Inspection Details page (i.e. "client portal")

  • Won't appear on the web report or the report PDF

  • Won't appear on your Spectora company profile page

  • Won't appear or be used on your Online Scheduler

Otherwise they will function just like any other inspector, including:

  • Able to be assigned to inspections

  • Able to help in team inspections and sync data

  • Able to set up their own calendar integration

  • Able to receive notifications about inspections via Automation/Actions

  • Able to have various privileges set to protect your company, like barring access to templates or preventing them from publishing reports

We recommend adding every new trainee on their own account (i.e. new email address), as sometimes they don't work out and you need to cut off access immediately. (If you have annual (or longer) subscriptions they can always transfer to the next incoming trainee!)

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