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How to Integrate with QuickBooks

How to Integrate Spectora with QuickBooks

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The integration between Spectora and QuickBooks is designed to help inspectors keep track of their invoices and payments, and stay on top of their financial records. Integrating your Spectora-powered company with Quickbooks is as simple as a few clicks.

Important Information

  • This integration currently only works with Quickbooks Online. It does not integrate with Quickbooks Self Employed or Quickbooks Desktop.

  • This integration is reporting only. Spectora will send numbers to Quickbooks and pull numbers from your Quickbooks account.

  • At this time, the Quickbooks integration is not compatible with Canadian companies due to different tax requirements.

How to Set Up the QuickBooks Integration

Setting up the integration is quick and easy! Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Log into your Spectora account and navigate to Settings > System Integrations > QuickBooks

2. This will prompt you to log in to your QuickBooks account and connect your accounts

3. You're done! ✅

How the Integration Works

When you integrate your Spectora account with Quickbooks, the two platforms communicate when you schedule inspections, when invoices are made in Spectora, and when payments are received.

Here is the general flow between Spectora and QuickBooks-

  • You book an inspection in Spectora, and QB creates a Customer in your QuickBooks account for the client listed on the inspection.

  • Once the inspection is booked in Spectora with services and fees, an Invoice is created in QuickBooks for the inspection.

  • When the client's payment is received in Spectora, a Payment is created in QuickBooks.

    • 🔴 Note: This does NOT integrate with Quickbooks payment processor. You must be using our built-in payments option.

  • The Quickbooks Integration auto-syncs every evening so you can stay on top of your bookkeeping.

How the Syncing Process Works

Spectora syncs inspections to QuickBooks overnight if one of these things happens during the day:

  • A charge or service is modified, added, or removed causing the inspection amount to change

  • Inspection confirmation status changes

  • The inspection receives a payment

  • Inspection is canceled or deleted

  • A client is removed or added to the inspection

  • A buying or selling agent is added or removed from the inspection.

    • 🔴 NOTE: 🔴 If you update a client or agent to change their name or any other field, that will not mark the inspection as pending to be synced because you are not adding or removing them from the inspection.

❇️ Everything happens overnight! Nothing syncs automatically right away! ❇️

If you just set up the integration, you will not see the data sync until the next morning

What You'll See in QuickBooks and Spectora

  • Once set up, Spectora will start generating and sending sales receipt information one time per day, in the evening, to your QuickBooks Online account.

  • On the inspection details page, you will see your Quickbooks Doc Number and the last time this inspection synchronized with Quickbooks:

  • The doc number is created with sp for Spectora and the internal payment ID. The internal payment ID is created when the inspection details are updated to show the paid status is changed from false to true. The payment ID can be found in the changelog of the inspection:

    Inspections 2024-01-30 at 2.05.37 PM

How Different Payments Work with QuickBooks

  • ACH Payments

    • 'Sync ACH payments with QuickBooks only after payments settle'

      • You can find this setting under Settings > Payments.

      • This is a new setting that allows you to choose if you want ACH (bank transfer) payments to sync right away to QuickBooks or wait until the payments settle.

      • ACH payments will take about 4 business days to fully process and settle.

      • If this setting is not enabled, ACH payments will sync when they are initiated by the client. (ie when the client makes their payment via the portal)

  • Multiple Payments:

    • We can create multiple payments for the same invoice if the inspection was paid in multiple payments in Spectora. (ie. split card payments or part cash/part card payments)

    • You can have multiple payments for the same invoice as those are automatically assigned internally.

      • Let's say you had an inspection-

        • You (the inspector) add an additional service > the client makes an additional payment for the newly added service > on the Invoice you’ll see all of the payments if the amount of payment is larger or equal to the invoice, they will consider that invoice as paid.

        • Each payment will have its own date listed.


  • Synchronization Start Date

    • Let's say you set up the QuickBooks integration today, but you only want the integration to sync/push inspections created before June 1st, 2024. This allows you to choose a specific start date for the integration to start syncing from.

    • This also helps prevent all inspections prior to the start date from sending over and helps avoid duplicates.

    • If the inspections do not have any of the triggers listed above, only inspections created after the start date listed will be synced.

  • Refunds:

    • We change the original payment amount accordingly on the QuickBooks side when a refund happens.

      • This can be confusing as Quickbooks will show $0 for that inspection.

      • To balance your QuickBooks invoices, you may want to instead add a Service with a negative amount, matching the refund amount to show the flow of money in QuickBooks.

    • A full refund sets the payment amount to zero.

      • It adjusts the TotalAmt and the Line Amount to zero.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does the payment number come from?

    • This number is generated by QuickBooks. You'll see "sp-XXXXXXX" (or "spp-XXXXXXX") followed by the internal Spectora payment ID number.

  • If my client adds an add-on service a few days after scheduling and then makes a payment, does that inspection re-sync automatically?

    • Yes! When the payment is received in Spectora, the integration will automatically sync that evening and capture that new payment.

  • My payments in Spectora don't match what's showing in QuickBooks. How do I figure out what the correct amounts are?

    • The Quickbooks integration is designed to create an Invoice that is the full price of the inspection, and it creates a Payment that is the amount minus the fees paid.

      • To reconcile your payment numbers, you can use the Data Export for Payments & Fees for a better view of how much money you received for each inspection.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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