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Using Inspection Events for Radon Drop-Off/Pick-Up events and more
Using Inspection Events for Radon Drop-Off/Pick-Up events and more
If you have events that are tied to a particular inspection, Spectora Advanced makes it easy to keep track of them!
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Part of Spectora Advanced, Inspection Events allows you to link calendar events with specific inspections. This is great for events like dropping off or picking up a radon test or water sample test kit. You can even pay inspectors doing Inspection Events via Pay Splits. Here's how it works:

Enable Inspection Events

Once you've activated Spectora Advanced, pop into Settings->Advanced Tools and enable Inspection Events:

Adding Inspection Events

Once enabled, your New Inspection form will have a section for "Events":

By clicking "+ Event" you can add any number of events to an inspection. Each can be assigned to a different inspector.

Default Inspection Events

For some Services, like Radon, you may wish to always have a certain event ("Radon Drop-Off") added to the inspection. You can set these up in Settings->Services & Fees under any service or add-on:

Once added, these Events will auto-populate on the New Inspection form when the service/add-on is added. Also, inspections booked via the Online Scheduler will have these added for you as well (though you'll want to schedule them appropriately.)

Viewing Inspection Events

On your calendar, you'll see Inspection Events as you would see events added directly into the calendar (like "Time Off"):

However, you'll notice they have an address attached to them and are clickable. Click it to go to the inspection.

Within the Inspection Details, you'll also have a new box for "Events":

Here you can add, edit, and remove Inspection Events.

In the mobile app, you'll see your events as usual, but Inspection Events will allow you to import the inspection and pop into the Inspection Details if necessary:

We hope Inspection Events helps you optimize your workflow even more when you have numerous events to manage!

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