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How to Integrate Your Spectora Calendar with iCal
How to Integrate Your Spectora Calendar with iCal

Here's how to add your Spectora calendar using an iCal feed and your iCloud calendars.

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Want to see your inspections on your calendar? You can integrate your iCal with Spectora! This includes calendars like Outlook, Yahoo!, etc. In this article, we'll walk through the steps to enable the iCal integration and set it up.

How to Enable and Integrate with iCal

Follow along with the steps below to see how to enable the iCal integration, and how to set it up on your iOS device.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Click "Integrations"

  3. Check the box to enable "iCal Calendar"

  4. Click "Get iCal URL"

  5. Copy the Subscription Feed URL

  6. On your iOS device, navigate to Settings, then tap "Calendar"

  7. Tap "Accounts"

  8. Tap "Add Account"

  9. Tap "Other"

  10. Tap "Add Subscribed Calendar"

  11. Enter the URL copied earlier

  12. Tap "Save"

You'll see your inspections show up in your calendar now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have events in my iCal, why won't they show up in Spectora?

    The iCal integration is one-way - meaning Spectora events will show on your iCal calendar, but events on your iCal calendar will not show in Spectora.

  • I need to be able to see all of my events in Spectora - what can I do?

    Don't fret! If you have a Gmail/Google account, you can set up an integration with Google Calendar. The Google Calendar integration is two-way! So your Spectora events will show in your Google Calendar, and your Google events will show in Spectora. Check out this article to see how.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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