To set up discount codes, pop into Settings and click "Discount Codes":

Hit "+ Discount" to add a new code.

Here's what each field means:

CODE: This is the code your clients will have to enter into your Online Scheduler to get the deal. It's case-sensitive!

TYPE: Percent off or flat amount.

AMOUNT OR PERCENTAGE: If you've selected percent for "type", this would be the percent off the total price. If you've select amount for "type" this would be the dollar amount off.

DESCRIPTION: What the client sees on their invoice.

NOTES: Anything internal note you'd like to make to yourself.

SERVICES: Choose which services this code applies to. Leave blank if this code doesn't apply to services. (For example, if you want the code to only apply to add ons.)

ADD ONS: Choose which add-ons this code applies to. Leave blank if you don't want the discount applying to add-ons.

MAX USES: If you'd like the code to be invalid after a certain number of uses, input that number here. Otherwise there will not be a limit.

CUSTOMER LIMIT: Customers can only apply one discount code per inspection (cannot accept multiple discount codes).

EXPIRATION DATE: If you'd like the discount to be invalid after a certain date, input it here. Otherwise there will not be a time limit.

Hit "Save" to make the discount live! You can always deactivate a coupon code with this switch:

Using Discount Codes

There are two ways to use a discount code:

  1. When you are manually scheduling an inspection and have live discount codes, you'll see a field in the "Services" section to input a discount code. The savings will be reflected in the invoice preview:

2. Whenever you have live discount codes, your online scheduler will have a link to input a discount code:

After inputting the code and hitting "Apply" the discount will be applied and displayed:

We hope discount codes give you even more opportunities to grow you business!

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