To set up discount codes, pop into Settings and click "Discount Codes":

Hit "+ Discount" to add a new code.

Here's what each field means:

1: CODE: This is the code you enter when scheduling an inspection. Your clients can also enter this code on your Online Scheduler. This code is case-sensitive, so we recommend all caps!

2: TYPE: Percent off or flat amount.

3: AMOUNT OR PERCENTAGE: If you've selected percent for "type", this would be the percent off the total price. If you've select amount for "type" this would be the dollar amount off.

4:DESCRIPTION: What the client sees on their invoice.

5: SERVICES: Choose which services this code applies to. Leave blank if this code doesn't apply to services. (For example, if you want the code to only apply to add ons.)

6: ADD ONS: Choose which add-ons this code applies to. Leave blank if you don't want the discount applying to add-ons.

7: MAX USES: If you'd like the code to be invalid after a certain number of uses, input that number here. Otherwise there will not be a limit.

8: EXPIRATION DATE: If you'd like the discount to be invalid after a certain date, input it here. Otherwise there will not be a time limit.

Hit "Save" to make the discount live! You can always deactivate a coupon code with this switch:

Using Discount Codes

There are two ways to use a discount code:

  1. When you are manually scheduling an inspection and have live discount codes, you'll see a field in the "Services" section to input a discount code. The savings will be reflected in the invoice preview:

2. Whenever you have live discount codes, your online scheduler will have a link to input a discount code:

After inputting the code and hitting "Apply" the discount will be applied and displayed:

We hope discount codes give you even more opportunities to grow you business!

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