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How to add Pricing Modifiers to your Inspections
How to add Pricing Modifiers to your Inspections

Adding fees for extra square foot or meters, age of home or year built, zip code, foundation type, and miles or kilometers driving distance

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Pop into Settings > Services & Fees.  For each main service that you have you can set up different pricing modifiers!

In your selected service, click the + MODIFIERS button to add a new modifier.
The modifiers below are meant to show examples and are not exact suggestions.

Keep in mind, each tier you make for you modifiers will have it's own fee and duration that will add to your base cost and base duration, to reflect accurately on your calendar.  See below for examples!

*TIP: The modifier numbers must overlap. The Greater Than field will only trigger that number +1. 

Square Foot Modifier

In this example, a house that has 1,001 square feet will add $50 to the inspection cost, but NOT a house that has 1,000 square feet.

Age of Home

Year Built

Zip Code (multiple zip codes per tier can be separated by a comma)

Foundation Type

Miles Away From Company Address

Miles Away From Home Address

Additionally, you can add Custom Scheduling Fields to your online scheduler to create new pricing modifiers as well.

First, go to Settings > Scheduling Options to create your custom field.

Then, go to Settings > Services & Fees to add a modifier using your new custom field. You will be able to select the custom field at the bottom of the list.

Here are a few examples of the final product:

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