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How to import comments from Whisper
How to import comments from Whisper

Export your Whisper template and Rapid Remarks to Spectora for a head-start with template building!

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We've made it easy to bring your Whisper template into Spectora!  Imports are never apples-to-apples, but we hope the import process gives you a great head-start in making the switch!

First, you'll have to export your comments from Whisper. There are a few steps to this, so we've made this video to guide you through the process:

Next, pop into Templates, click our dropdown menu (with the 3 vertical dots), then click +Add Templates

Select "Import from Another Software" and hit "Browse" to select your ".zip" file you created from Whisper:

Click "Import Template" and within a few minutes you'll have a template with all of your Whisper comments!

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