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SEO Topics to Blog About
SEO Topics to Blog About

Looking for blog inspiration? Here are some questions real people are asking online.

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Blogging is one of many great ways to boost your rankings on search engines. Here are a few ideas on what you can blog about based on real questions internet users are asking!

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Home Inspection Questions

  • What Will Home Inspectors Look For?

  • Can Home Inspectors Move Things?

  • Who Is Present During a Home Inspection?

  • Who Pays for Home Inspections?

  • When are Home Inspections Required?

  • Can Home Inspections Be Done In the Rain?

  • Can Home Inspectors Do Repairs?

  • Can Home Inspectors Refer Contractors?

Home Inspections For...

  • Home Inspections for Buyers

  • Home Inspections for Sellers

  • Home Inspections for Renters

  • Home Inspections for New Construction

  • Home Inspections for Insurance

Home Maintenance

  • What is Home Maintenance?

  • Why is it Important to Keep Our Homes Clean?

  • Importance of Home Maintenance

  • Can Home Maintenance be Tax Deductible?

  • Home Maintenance for New Homeowners

  • Home Maintenance for Beginners

  • Home Maintenance Hacks

  • Home Maintenance Checklist By Month

Other Ideas

  • Local real estate updates

  • Local homeowner resources (building permits, water, trash, other helpful links)

  • Top areas of your town to live

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