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Why Online Chat or Email Is Preferred Over a Phone Call
Why Online Chat or Email Is Preferred Over a Phone Call

We believe helping you via our online chat is in your best interest in most cases. Here's why.

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  1. If you call us, you might get a voicemail or be placed on hold until the right staff member can be located to get on the call with you.  If you email us, you won't have to wait on hold. 

  2. When you initiate a chat, your account gets pulled up automatically and we can see all your settings, history, etc.  If you call us, we'll likely ask you to spell out your email address and name to pull up your account, which is tedious and error-prone.

  3. You'll likely have questions that will require us to refer to an online link to be answered.  We can't transmit a live link by phone, but we can pop a link into chat so that you can refer to the same information.

  4. You might have a question that requires us to do some research first to answer correctly.   The online chat allows us to do this for you without making you wait on the phone.

  5. A phone call requires you (and us!) to take notes.  An online chat is a written record of the conversation that you can refer to later.

  6. You might need help from more than one Spectora employee.  We can't all huddle around a phone. 

  7. You might have a question that has to be forwarded to someone else.  We can't forward a phone conversation history.  But we can forward chat transcripts and emails.

  8. You might want to save a paper trail of our conversation.  You can't do that with a phone conversation.  But you can save an email exchange or chat history easily.

  9. We might not get the right spelling of your name or the right credit card numbers if you call.  But we'll get the correct information if we use the online chat.

  10. Your phone call may not have a clear audio connection, or the call might get dropped if you're calling us on your cell phone.  But text in a chat or email is always clear and complete.

  11. You might need a document.  We can't send a document by phone.  But documents can be easily sent by our online chat.

  12. Our support staff are online every day and will answer your chat within minutes in most cases.  A phone call may delay a full response.

  13. In an email or written online chat, you can communicate exactly what you want to say, without being misheard or misunderstood, which facilitates a quick response.

  14. A support team member can only handle one phone call at a time, while the same person can often handle dozens of chat requests in the same amount of time.  Moving to phone support would increase costs for our users.

At Spectora, our inspectors are our only focus.  We're here to help.  Help us help you quickly and effectively by using the little green online chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen or mobile app or emailing us first (before calling us) with any questions or support needs you may have.  We don't check Facebook messages or message board posts very often.

Having a consistent, streamlined way of communicating with you and helping allows us to be more efficient, build more features, and provide better support for you. Everyone wins!


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