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What being an inspector-first platform means
What being an inspector-first platform means

We're trying to do things a little bit differently.

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When we say we're an inspector-first company, here's what we mean:

We're independent.

Many of our competitors are owned by large corporations in the business of insurance or leads-generation.  Kevin and I started this business with our own savings.  We own 100% of the company and, instead of relying on outside investment, we have built a product that is now funded directly by our users.

You're our customer.

This allows us to prioritize the needs of the inspector over everything else.  We don't have ulterior motives or a board guiding our future - just you, the inspector, telling us how we can make your business better.

We're set up for the long haul.

We're a subscription-based product.  You pay a monthly or annual fee to use Spectora.  This helps us predict our revenue, allowing us to have support staff to help you when you need it.  It also allows us to hire software engineers to constantly improve and support the platform. We don't need to rely on external revenue streams or hope for a buy-out to stay in business. Our business model ensures that we're here to stay.

We hope these factors help in making Spectora your home inspection software of choice!

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