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How to set up an unconfirmed inspection
How to set up an unconfirmed inspection

Hold an inspection time or postpone an inspection without blocking your calendar

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Sometimes you get a call for an inspection but the date isn’t nailed down yet. You still want the inspection details in the system, but you don’t want it blocking someone else from scheduling that time in the Online Scheduler.  Here's how to do this.

When booking the inspection, un-check all inspectors. You can leave an inspector assigned, but the Online Scheduler will block the time slot from being scheduled:

Uncheck the "Confirmed Inspection" box. This will automatically Disable Automated Notifications to prevent any emails from going out to your potential client and their agent:

Finish scheduling the inspection as you normally would and press "Save". The only information required to Save an inspection is a complete address, including square footage and year built. Any additional details can be added later if they're not available to you now:

The inspection will still appear in your calendar for you to update it later with a new time:

Once you're ready to confirm it, first add an inspector from the People section of the Inspection Details page:

If the inspection needs to be rescheduled, you can do this now by clicking on the date and time above the inspection address:

Finally, you can confirm the inspection in one of two ways. You can choose to either confirm with notifications still disabled or confirm and send notifications. Both options are under the orange banner at the top of the Inspection Details page:

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