Payment Processing Fees

Learn about our standard fees for credit card processing.

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Why use Spectora's built-in payment solution?

Spectora's payment solution is built on top of Stripe, one of the most advanced payment processing solutions in the industry. Here are some of the highlights of using Spectora's built-in payments over other options:

  • Top-tier support for payment issues directly from the Spectora team.

  • Get your money fast with next-day payouts.

  • Handle refunds, disputes and view payouts directly within Spectora.

  • Take payments in the mobile app (no card reader required!).


Standard Pricing

3.25% + 40 cents per transaction.

Discounted Pricing

If you're doing over $500k per year please get in touch for a custom rate. We request that you send 3 - 4 statements showing your company revenue, spaced out over the year to show all seasons (peak season and off-season). Once you have those collected, please type into the Support Chat bubble and we will evaluate them and get back to you!

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