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How to Edit Your Website's SEO Metadata
How to Edit Your Website's SEO Metadata

While a lot goes into optimizing your website's SEO, updating the metadata can be a big game changer for search results.

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In the world of digital marketing, having a strong online presence is crucial to your business's success. This is why it is important to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the role of SEO metadata in driving traffic to your website. We're here to ensure you're equipped with everything you need to maintain your online presence.

What Is Metadata?

SEO metadata refers to the information that is included in a website's code to provide search engines with important information about its content. When we discuss metadata, we're mainly referring to a site's title, description, and search keyphrases.

  • Title & Description: The title and description are what you see when you search for your company on Google or Facebook.

  • Search Keyphrase: When somebody searches for something on Google, they use a search keyphrase. By optimizing your website for certain phrases, it becomes more likely to show up when that specific phrase is searched.

What a title and description look like on Google, using as an example.

How To Edit Your Website Metadata

We typically use one of two plugins for your SEO: Yoast or Rank Math. You can find the metadata settings for both plugins in the same place.

  1. Log into your website.

  2. In the left menu, click "Pages" then click the page name you want to edit.

  3. Scroll down until you see a tab that says "Rank Math SEO" or "Yoast SEO." This will be where you can edit your metadata (note: For Rank Math SEO, click "Edit Snippet" to expand the title and description)

Focus Keyword/Focus Keyphrase: We recommend concatenating your main service and area. Phrase it similar to how someone using Google might. "Home Inspection [City]" is usually a good bet!

Title: We recommend having your main service and service area somewhere in your title.

Description: Write 1-2 compelling sentences to draw people onto your site. We also recommend having your phone number somewhere in the description so it's easier for users to find.

Click "Pages" then click the name of the page you want to edit.

Adding a Featured Image

A featured image will show up in some mobile search results, and make your website more eye-catching. We recommend using your site logo for your home page's featured image.

You can edit your featured image by checking the right sidebar and scrolling down to the section that says "Featured Image"

Other Tools

There are tons of great resources online to help with your SEO. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Answer the Public: This tool allows you to see what kinds of searches people are making. Go ahead and search "home inspections" and see what comes up!

  • Yoast SEO Blog: Find updates, tips and tricks, and op eds from the Yoast SEO team.

  • Rank Math SEO Blog: Loaded up with guides on website and SEO optimization for different cases.

  • A collection of AI tools to help you scout the web and write SEO friendly content.

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