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New and improved Advanced Metrics capabilities

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Check out these new features and improved options in Metrics!

Video walkthrough here if you prefer.

  1. The location/map metric widget: If you are new this is now on your default dashboard and if you have created your own dashboard it is now an option when you add widgets.

  2. What's in that metric? Now you can quickly see how a metric is filtered and grouped right from the widget. Just hover over the info icon and see what is included, what's not and whether or not it is grouping by any criteria. You can also see the time frame directly below the title now for any metric that has a preset time frame.

  3. New timeframe options: You can now filter (either preset or on the fly) for Last 7 days, Last week (Sunday-Saturday) and Last week (Monday-Sunday).

One more quick note. We are continuing to improve and expand the capabilities in Advanced so keep an eye out for future communications around those. πŸ˜„
πŸ“£ As always if you have any questions please reach out to the bubble.

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