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New Feature Release Process
New Feature Release Process
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The team at Spectora is constantly working to bring inspectors new features.

For complex features, our team runs through a series of release stages to ensure smooth adoption. This article is an overview of that process and some of the terms you might hear on the bubble!

  1. Alpha Feature 🐣

    • Hot off the presses from development! πŸ“°

    • We are testing this feature internally to mimic real-world scenarios and uncover bugs so you don't encounter them.

    • The Product team designs alpha features based on your feedback - but alpha features are not yet available for inspector testing.

    • When an Alpha Feature clears our internal testing it graduates to...

  2. Private Beta Feature πŸ•΅οΈπŸ€

    • This feature passed internal testing but requires field testing from the users it impacts most.

    • For mobile features, selected inspectors access the "beta release" through Apple's TestFlight or Android's Google Play.

    • The Product team makes improvements or bug fixes based on these inspector's feedback.

    • Once all the feedback is addressed, it's ready to be a...

  3. Beta Feature πŸ”

    • This is where you come in!

    • When a feature has cleared our internal and small group testing we make it available to the broader audience.

    • You can access Beta Features through your Settings menu, or by following the steps in our promotional messages:

    • When using the latest feature don't hesitate to reach out to the chat bubble with any feedback!

    • Once the Product team has gathered enough feedback and any bugs are fixed, it's time for...

  4. Feature Release! πŸ—

    • Once a feature is released it is available to all users by default!

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