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Every Tool and Gadget you Need as a Home Inspector
Every Tool and Gadget you Need as a Home Inspector

A comprehensive guide to 23 items that making inspecting easier!

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1. To start off, having a backpack like the one below is a great way to transport your tools to and around each inspection.

Having a pouch is another great option for small items like flashlights, screwdrivers and tape measures.

Here is a belt that works great with tool pouches.

2. When inspecting different areas of a house, having the right attire is key.

Heavy duty work gloves are a great way to protect your hands.

A dust mask is ideal for crawlspaces and attics.

Reusable shoe covers will keep you from having to take your shoes on and off during the inspection.

Knee pads will make all the ups and downs more comfortable.

A wireless pair of headphones are great for setting a soundtrack for your inspection and answering phone calls on-the-go!

A case for your inspection tablet/phone with a strap or a handle is a perfect hands free option.

3. It's extremely important to test all the systems in a house and having gadgets like these can help you save valuable time.

An infrared thermometer is the best way to see inside the walls and test things your eyes might miss like leaks and drafts.

A GFCI outlet tester makes it quick and easy to test the home's outlets.

A pressure gauge will help you get accurate water pressure readings.

A voltage tester is a small tool but comes in handy on inspections.

An in-duct thermometer is a great way to take quick air temperatures.

A combustible gas detector is the safest way to check for any gas leaks.

A magic light really is magic for testing microwaves, it lights up if it detects microwaves when you turn the microwave on.

4. There are lots of other tools that aren't inspection specific that will make your inspection easier!

A telescoping mirror can help you see into tight spots.

A tape measure is a must have for most jobs, inspections included!

A folding ruler is another great measurement tool for large spaces.

A telescoping ladder is a perfect for inspections because it is so compact but is large enough for tall roofs.

Here is a carrying case that will make this ladder even more compact.

A seriously bright flashlight kit makes having light wherever you need it a breeze!

A multi-bit screwdriver is another must-have for home inspections.

Have anything else that you couldn't inspect without? Let us know by writing into our chat!

*We hope you love the items we picked. We picked everything based on recommendations from inspectors like you. Just a heads up that Spectora might receive compensation from our affiliate links, if you decide to purchase anything on this list. Also, the links and prices are accurate to the time of posting.

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