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Pros and Cons of Web-based Inspection Software
Pros and Cons of Web-based Inspection Software

Is a web-based inspection software right for you? Check out our list of pros and cons to decide for yourself.

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Spectora offers web-based (i.e. "cloud") inspection software and a mobile app that functions offline. 

Advantages of web-based software:

  • Frequent updates. Instead of waiting for months or years until the next version of desktop software, we release new features weekly and can deploy bug fixes within minutes. Our rapidly growing user base is a direct result of our quick innovation and our responsiveness to our users; building features based on user votes and with the cooperation of our online community.

  • Portable. With web-based software you can seamlessly move between using your phone, your tablet, and your desktop. Just like many other modern online platforms you use (Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc), you know you're looking at the latest data because it saves directly to the cloud. If your battery dies on one device, simply use another with no downtime.

  • Reliable. We back up our servers minutely and store backups in multiple geographically distributed data centers on the world's most reliable infrastructure, Amazon Web Services. We also have the ability to un-delete data you accidentally delete, and we keep backups indefinitely. With installable software, you're one hard drive crash away from losing everything and you're only as secure as your backup frequency. There's a reason most industries are moving to cloud-based solutions - it's easier, faster, and more reliable.

  • Support that sees what you're seeing. Because we're web-based, our support team can look at the same thing you're seeing. We can make changes directly on the servers, often fixing issues with minimal back-and-forth. Our easy in-app chat lets us know what kind of device and operating system you're using, reducing the need for twenty questions. Your time matters - use a system that saves you the most time.

  • Incentivized to constantly deliver value. Instead of selling you software once and never talking to you again we'll earn your business constantly with stellar support and constant improvements! Our subscription-based model allows us predictable revenue so we can hire a top-notch support team and brilliant developers that have your back when you need it most. We're incentivized to continue meeting your needs beyond the initial sale!

  • Here to Stay. Because you pay monthly or annually you can rest assured that we're a business that will stick around. In an age when desktop-installable software companies are going out of business or converting to cloud-based; choose a business model that will have staying power.

Disadvantages of web-based software:

  • Frequent updates. Yep, it can also be a disadvantage for some! Our rapid innovation helps our users stay up-to-date with the latest in browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems. Our users also enjoy new features constantly, like time-saving report tools and business tools that improve efficiency for your entire operation. However - if you don't like new features, don't do system updates, and can tolerate months or years between releases/fixes - then installable software might be more to your liking.

  • Dependence on Internet. While you can use the mobile app to do inspections completely offline you will need an Internet connection to send the report to your client via Spectora. (Just like if you want to email a report to someone.) Also, slow connections can hinder the use of the site when you're uploading large images or video (we recommend a broadband connection.) Web-based options probably are not a great choice if you don't have reliable Internet at your home and office.

  • Downtime. We occasionally have outages - we've been down for about 3 hours total over the last 3 years. We also occasionally do planned maintenance (with plenty of notification for the week leading up to it!), during which we takedown the site to do some upgrades to infrastructure. We plan these for midnight on Saturdays when impact is minimal. Planned maintenance has totaled about 2 hours over the past 3 years. Usually these stats are better than an individual laptop's uptime, but if it still makes you nervous then installable software might be better for you. 

Overall, cloud based software will help you be more efficient and connect with your customers quicker, while occasionally having to learn new features. 

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