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Office presentations can be a great way to grow your business. Learn the best practices to make the most of them.

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In-office presentations can be a primary way to grow your home inspection business. This typically involves you contacting local real estate brokerage offices and setting up short presentations for agents on home inspection related topics.

The Goal

You want to be as helpful as you can to agents. You need to provide value right away.

Remember, it's all about them! 

Your presentation needs to educate them or make their lives easier in some way.

Tip 1

Check with your state to see if you can get certified for continuing education.

Agents always need CE and if you can provide this plus other benefits, you're that much more valuable to them.

Tip 2

Customize for your audience!

If you're going to take the time to set up presentations, prepare topics, and present, you need to put in extra effort.

Make sure any slides or language you're using includes the brokerages name, logos, etc. 

Also make sure to personalize your presentation, stories and dialogue. This means include personal details about you, your inspection process, your history, and what truly makes you different than the rest.

Tip 3

Have different presentation topics prepared.

If you give an office options for what they want to hear about, they're more likely to say yes. Some starter examples could be:

  • How to Manage Your Client's Expectations After the Home Inspection

  • Home Energy Efficiency

  • Radon Basics

  • Mold Basics

  • What You Need to Know About HVAC Systems

  • The Most Common Defects

  • New Home Construction

Tip 4

Feed them!

Agents (and people in general) will always show up for food.

But not just any food.

Think about what every other person says to bring. Don't bring that.

Be unique! Think about what it says about your company if you put in some effort and are creative. Think a home cooked meal, or a healthy breakfast option.

Tip 5

Get business cards in addition to giving yours.

Most inspectors leave their cards and never hear back

Make sure to grab business cards from all, or at least the most influential agents in the room. Put them into a spreadsheet.

Tip 6

Follow up and track results.

Send personalized emails to every agent you can find contact info for. Ask if the presentation was helpful or how you can help them further. No one takes the time to send personalized emails anymore, so make sure to include details about them or your interactions with them.

Follow their social media accounts right away and start interacting with their posts.

If you can give a one-time coupon code for the first inspection they do with you, then you can track how effective each presentation is.

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