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How to use Advanced Metrics to get business insight and data
How to use Advanced Metrics to get business insight and data

Our Advanced Metrics dashboard allows you to create custom graphs and charts to gather business intelligence for data-driven decisions.

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Part of Spectora Advanced, our Advanced Metrics is a powerful and complex engine for creating custom graphs, charts, and spreadsheets from your data. 

More of a visual learner? Watch these great video demos for Advanced Metrics:

Enable Advanced Metrics

To enable this feature, first, you must be signed up for Advanced. Next pop into Settings > Spectora Advanced > Advanced Tools > Enable Advanced Metrics.

Now click on the Metrics on the right side to launch the Metrics Dashboard!

You'll initially be viewing the Default Dashboard, our prepopulated dashboard that has some vital metrics which you can open in the upper right corner of the metrics dashboard.

Getting Started

All of our commonly used metrics are available on the drag and drop menu on the right side of the panel!

If none of the metrics accomplish what you are looking for, here is how to customize them using Edit.

Choose a Datasource

Next, you'll choose the Datasource. This impacts what fields you'll be able to construct your chart from.

Select Options & Filters

Chart Type

The chart type is how the chart looks and displays data. If you want to see data over time like "Number of Inspections per Month", "area" and "line" charts are great. If you're looking for proportional data, like "Top Referral Sources", "pie", "bar" or "polar area" charts work well. You will likely want to experiment with these - you can always edit a panel later so play around!

Here are a few examples:

Area Chart

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Polar Area Chart

Bar Chart

Horizontal Bar Chart

As you can see, various charts can show the same data and the differences are largely aesthetic. There are several other types, so play around and find the ones that you like best!

Input Details & Appearance

Choose your panel name, give it a description, and choose the size.

Panel Features

Time Interval - This dropdown allows you to select how the data is organized, such as "This Week" or "Month to Date".

Export Data- Every graph allows you to export the dataset to a spreadsheet for viewing and manipulation in Excel/Sheets:

Create Multiple Custom Dashboards

The real power of Advanced Metrics is customizability. Through creating custom dashboards and panels, you'll be able to view whatever data is important for your business and your market.

To create a new custom dashboard, just hit the Dashboards drop-down > + New Dashboard


By allowing you customizable insight into your data, we hope to give you in-depth business intelligence that allows you to make better decisions as a business owner. 

Let us know if there are graphs you need help putting together or require additional data for. We've built an extensible system that will be able to grow and expand as necessary!

Please wright into our chat bubble or scheduled a call with our Spectora Advanced onboarding team if you have any additional questions!

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