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Tips for Rolling Out Spectora to Your Agents
Tips for Rolling Out Spectora to Your Agents

Hear how other experienced inspectors have rolled out Spectora to their agents with success

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Some home inspectors fear change. And for good reason.

You've spent years and years building up solid agent relationships. They're used to your process and reports.

With so many experienced inspectors switching to Spectora, it begs the question:

What is the best way to rollout Spectora to an established book of real estate agents?

If you're still in the consideration/research phase

Grab coffee with a couple of your most trusted agents and show them the report. Show them the Repair Request Builder. Get their feedback. Ask them what can you be doing better to support them.

Ask them about their pain points with home inspection reports now. 

If you're making the change soon

From conversations we've had with single man shops to 20-inspector companies, it boiled down to 2 things: Articulating how it will benefit their agents and setting expectations.

Value Proposition to Them

Most people tend to be more ok with change once they learn it will: 

A) Save them time, or 

B) Save or make them money.

Every communication about changing your report format needs to lead with how it will benefit the agent. 

Some of the benefits we've heard from agent feedback has been:

  1. The easy-to-read web-report format

  2. High-quality images that expand

  3. The web-report filters so they can quickly see defects

  4. The text and email reminders and follow-ups

  5. The Repair Request Builder

It's very important you focus on high-quality design in your email communications. This makes all the difference in how they perceive what you're telling them. Let us know if you need help in this area.

Setting Expectations Months in Advance

The initial communication about your report upgrade should go out months before you actually start sending out Spectora reports. No one likes a surprise when they have a routine.

This should ideally be a series of emails that explain the benefits of your reports. This will gradually warm them up to the value and benefits they will see. 

Don't be afraid to be assertive with the difference it will make for them! We have the quotes to back it up so you can feel confident rolling out Spectora without upsetting your agents!

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