Glossary of Spectora Terms

Word and definitions to help you understand what the Support team is trying to say. :-)

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General Terms: 

A scheduled event where a report is created and edited.  

The actual HTML or PDF  

The "Stamp" which creates reports.  Changing tempaltes will only effect future reports. It will not change current or past reports.  

The age of the house, the square footage, or the age of home which can add additional fees and time automatically into your inspection request/creation.  

Online Scheduler
The program which controls your schedule and allows clients and agents to request services  

Any unpaid member of team.  Roles and permissions can be determined by admin authorized inspectors. 

Desktop Terms:

Additional services which can be added on. Can also be used for giving discounts with a negative number value. 

Attached as Report
When adding an attachment to an inspection, you can hit this button to have the attachment show up in the Reports section instead of the Attachments Section.  

Additional items which are places in the portal, not attached to email. 

The system of emails which will be triggerd by specific events (booking, adding a fee or attachment, report ready, scheduling and reminders).  

Client/Agent View  
A way inspectors can see the portal which the client and agent can sign agreements, pay fees, and view the report.  Located in the People section of the inspectional details page  

Counts Summary  
The optional feature to have how many items you inspected at the top of the report with your finding.   

Inspection Details Page
The page of the website dedicated to that indivudual inspection.  This is the inspector's portal to all the agreement, reports, fees, scheduling assocated with a single inspection. This can be accessed from the Inspections Tab or by clicking the inspection in the scheduler. 

The curly brackets {{PLACE_HOLDER}} within automated emails and agreements which autopopulate with information for each inspection.  

The action of releasing the report and triggering the automated emails which will allow the client/agent to view the report on the portal.  

Template Terms:

Comment box type with two settings: ON/Checked and Off/Unchecked.  

Classic Ratings
Fixed Ratings buttons, linked for less taps, such as tapping Not Inspected will untap Inspected automatically, Limitations and Defects will only be displayed if the Defect rating is marked.  

Custom Ratings
Rating are unlinked from each other, any combination is possible, all comments will always be displayed.  

The smallest container of information containing the informational comments, limitations, and defects observations, "Column 3"  

Cost Estimator
The optional feature that when enabled adds a button to the report writer with a slider to set the price of defect recommendations.   

Default Text
The text which will automatically be included in a section, item, or comment box.  Not the same as the standards of practice.  

Informational Comment
A general comment type in the Comments Column.   Need to be completed to achieve the 'Green check" status. 

The middle size container of information. "Column 2." 

An observational comment in the Comments Column, usually connected to Not Inspected or Not Present  

The largest container of information- usually a room name or system type. "Column 1."

Smart Layout
Feature that will organize your smaller comments and larger comments together resulting in the reduction of white space on the report.    

Text Comment
Comment box type with "Enter Value" for typing things like serial numbers into the report;  a value must be typed in for the box to be activated. 

Report Terms

HTML Web Report  
The version of the report which is viewable online.  

Location Tags
Customizable or default tags to mark the location of a comment of any type.  Divided into three categories which coresond to the way we talk normally...general location > direction > then room, such as 1st floor west bathroom. Customizable in the Settings Tab or can be made custom on site.  

PDF Report
The savable, printable version of the report accessible through the HTML report.

The Grid of Buttons containing Inspected, Not Inspected, Not Present, or Deficient.  

The qualified professional who would be recommended to fix a defect or observation. 

Summary Header Text
The text that will always show at the top of your report.  Not connected directly to the Summary of Defects.   

App Terms: 

The feature when you take a photo where you can mark up the picture. This can be turned on and off in the settings section of your app..  

Force sync  
Push ALL not just the new changes data up to the cloud when live sync is active. 

Force Upload
Push all data, new and old up to the cloud.  This will replace anything saved on the server currently.

The pool of preexisting pictures you can pull from to input in your report.  

Reset App Memory
Reports are saved onto the app.  When you're experience slowing or bugs, it may be because your app data storage is very high.  Saving everything and then resetting app memory clears many problems.  Just be sure to save first!  

Reset To Server
Pulls the version that can be seen on the web browser/our servers and pushed it to the phone.  Useful when you make major changes or change the template on a report.  

Save to Cloud
Saves all new data to the cloud/our servers.  Interent required.  

The action of pulling data down from the server. Save will push data up to the cloud for others to access, and sync will pull other data down onto your phone.  

Sync Frequency
How often the app will automatically save to the cloud servers.  

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