We’ve written automated scripts to ease your transition to Spectora! By importing comments from other software vendors you get a head start on building your template, saving hours of copy-and-paste.

However, there are some limitations to be aware of. Keep in mind that other software vendors do not have the same template structure as we do. They may not organize their comments by sections and items. Perhaps their comments do not have our format of name/text/location/recommendation. Our import scripts try to make educated assumptions about format, but aren’t perfect. Your template will still require some work to ensure it is ready for use in the field.

Importing comments also means you may not be taking full advantage of Spectora’s efficient report-writing platform. We use many features like answer formats, a location field, dropdown recommendations, and default photos to speed up your report writing. We recommend changing your template to take advantage of these for maximum efficiency gain in the field.

Your previous software’s comments may also be much more verbose than our platform’s comments are built for, resulting in some display irregularities. For example, each comment in Spectora has a title (a concise few words labeling the defect) and the text (the lengthy description.) We try to create a title from the text when importing text-only comments, but some will end up being too long.

Here are import guides for the scripts we have available:

Home Inspector Pro



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