Secure24 is an authorized ADT dealer that pays inspectors $200 for each successful installation.  Spectora can integrate directly with Secure24, allowing one-button lead submission from the mobile app or inspection details page.


First sign up to be a Secure24 affiliate partner here.

In Settings->Company Settings->Integrations, click the Secure24 Setup button:

Next, optionally customize the opt-out email your clients will receive from you.  Be sure to include the {{SECURE_24_OPT_OUT}} shortcode somewhere in the email (or else it will be inserted for you at the end).  The email will use your usual email header/footer and settings set up in Automation.

Finally, click "Enable Secure24"!

Submit Leads

To submit a client's contact information to Secure24 in the mobile app, hit "More Options" from the Inspection Details page and "Send lead to Secure24":

To do so on the web, pop into Inspection Details and click "Submit to S24" here:

The client will automatically receive your customized opt-out email and Secure24 will receive the client's data.  (The email will also appear in your communication logs so you know it's been sent.)

If the client opts out, both you and Secure24 will receive an email notification.  

Otherwise, you'll get paid $200 from Secure24 if and when the client purchases an alarm system!

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